Diner Days are Here Again

Diner Days are Here Again

I’m so so thrilled! My audio narrator for my Asperger’s mystery series set in Worcester lunchcar diners just finished book 2. That book is Diner Days are Here Again. I had tears in my eyes laughing while listening to her reading! She did an awesome job. It should be live soon.

Book 1, Diner Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, is free in Kindle format. Let me know if you’d like a coupon to hear book 1 for free in audio!

I’d love one more review to reach 30 ratings!

New novel upcoming

War Boat is the story of John Thornton, a self-made wealthy young entrepreneur who inherits his ancient family shipyard in River Sunday, Maryland. To carry out a childhood promise he intends to find the local traitor who betrayed his grandfather’s ship, War Boat, to a 1941 U-Boat mass murder and sinking in the Atlantic. When he arrives in River Sunday, Thornton meets a feisty young archeologist, Clarissa Pebbles PhD. They uncover a long deserted camp of the pre-war German American Bund on land owned by the Henry business clan, who follow an ancient and violent Viking pagan religion. Unfazed by an attempt on his life, he and other shipyard friends uncover a mysterious shipwreck nearby and salvage clues of past Nazi terror. Thornton’s personal goals undergo radical change as he finds himself caring more for others, far more than he did as a cutthroat business success.

To be on our list for date of publication, contact our website solarsippers.com  for email address.

The Fussy Librarian

I highly recommend everyone sign up for the Fussy Librarian book newsletter for several reasons.


First, it’s an important way to stay aware of what’s popular in your genre cover design. Cover designs change from year to year. In order to keep your book sales high, you want to be aware of those and make the tweaks to keep your covers relevant. That ensures your sales keep working. For example, my friend Tom Hollyday just ran a promotion in the Fussy Librarian. Look at how perfectly his cover matches the other popular covers. His cover loudly proclaims that it’s a solid title in his genre and worth reading. It looks professional. It catches the eye of readers in that genre.

Second, this newsletter lets you see other peoples’ blurbs in your target area. Which seem to work? Which don’t draw you in?

And finally, if some are free, you should download them. Read just the first few pages. See how those other books draw you in. Think about tweaks you can make to your own book to have the same impact. Those first few pages are critical in our modern world of short attention span. Either you hook someone or they move on to another book. The readers’ Kindles have thousands of options. You have to grab them and hold them.

If you already have a book out, now might be the time to do some polishing on it. Polish the cover. Polish the blurb. Polish the intro text. And then do a promotion. 

Ask with any questions! 


Seeing a Ghost

My medieval book #13 Seeing a Ghost has a featured character based on my woodworking Uncle Blake :). I’m thinking of updating the cover to have some ‘background’ – do you prefer left (original) or right (new)?

Also, I’ve received a negative review for “no action” (i.e. they only kiss at the end). Would anyone like a free copy of this to consider writing a review? Let me know, thanks!

What are you working on?