String Theory by Lisa Shea

String Theory by Lisa Shea

Woo hoo! String Theory – my horror short story #19 – is now loading live on Amazon! Thank you everyone for your help with this.

Book #20 Heart & Soul is submitted to a compilation contest. I’ll find out 10/1 if it wins a spot!

I only have to write 7 more short stories to fill out my own Set 3.

Books 1 and 2 are FREE right now so grab them while you can! Here’s the link to the full series –

What are you guys up to today?

Interview with Thomas Hollyday – Author of Mystery Horror Novel Enemy

A great interview for both readers and authors to listen to! Thomas Hollyday talks with us about his latest book, Enemy, with its thriller / horror roots in the Climate Crisis.

Learn more about designing an environment, creating believable characters, and ramping up tension in a story!

An idealistic woman and a pragmatic man are horrified as their beloved Chesapeake Bay town faces cataclysmic destruction. Will River Sunday, Maryland be overrun by a heinous threat triggered by a climate catastrophe? It will take the entire town coming together to offer even the slimmest chance of finding a path through.


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Thomas Hollyday’s book Enemy:…

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