Magnolia Gods a story of the ultimate weapon

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The concept of an atomic powered bomber was never far from my mind as I wrote Magnolia Gods

The plane was actually developed by the US as the NB36 but was cancelled by the Kennedy Administration

The USSR and the USA competed on  the development of this bomber but gave it up because of shielding problems for the radioactive


gentle nature cartoons

Time to immerse myself in work. First up, assemble book 2 for a dear friend’s gentle nature cartoons – a soothing task. The image shows book 1 to give a sense of what they’re like. What are you guys up to today?


Update – Here’s a rough draft of my friend Tom’s new cover. Thoughts? Suggestions? It’s a book of his original cartoons which are all black and white line drawings.


Camp Solar a success for children

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Tom Hollyday cartoon video on you tube

Nature’s Viewpoint Cartoons.

Want to know what the backyard nature creatures really think?  

Thomas  Hollyday is loved for his simple insightful creatures. He records the hilarious comments of his imaginary nature realm drawn  from his childhood on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  A recognized humorist with a fluid line, his playful  wildlife drawings  guide us through the  year with some of the funniest most poignant cartoons anywhere.