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Announcing our crtically acclaimed author Thomas Hollyday, a new writer in the science fiction and fantasy scene

Enjoy or be horrified by the invasion of the planet by one of its lesser species, long content to stay deep in the soil, but now angered by the destruction of their climate by man.

 Search for an ancient treasure stored thousands of years ago, perhaps by some other civilization than man

We all should be scared when internet fanatics plot to turn the world’s  cities to black night, in a fantastic scheme to take over the world.

Thomas Hollyday is a member of Maryland Writers, Boston Writers, Eastern Shore Writers, and the former Cartoonist Guild of New York

Interview with Thomas Hollyday – Author of Mystery Horror Novel Enemy

A great interview for both readers and authors to listen to! Thomas Hollyday talks with us about his latest book, Enemy, with its thriller / horror roots in the Climate Crisis.

Learn more about designing an environment, creating believable characters, and ramping up tension in a story!

An idealistic woman and a pragmatic man are horrified as their beloved Chesapeake Bay town faces cataclysmic destruction. Will River Sunday, Maryland be overrun by a heinous threat triggered by a climate catastrophe? It will take the entire town coming together to offer even the slimmest chance of finding a path through.


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War Boat

I just finished an edit and reload of Thomas Hollyday’s latest book War Boat to fix a minor typo.

Thomas is 77 years old and working on book 10 in his Chesapeake Bay mystery series!

He’s going strong! Quite inspiring.

Here’s a link to book 1 in the series which is FREE – 226 ratings and 4.1/5 stars!

New novel upcoming

War Boat is the story of John Thornton, a self-made wealthy young entrepreneur who inherits his ancient family shipyard in River Sunday, Maryland. To carry out a childhood promise he intends to find the local traitor who betrayed his grandfather’s ship, War Boat, to a 1941 U-Boat mass murder and sinking in the Atlantic. When he arrives in River Sunday, Thornton meets a feisty young archeologist, Clarissa Pebbles PhD. They uncover a long deserted camp of the pre-war German American Bund on land owned by the Henry business clan, who follow an ancient and violent Viking pagan religion. Unfazed by an attempt on his life, he and other shipyard friends uncover a mysterious shipwreck nearby and salvage clues of past Nazi terror. Thornton’s personal goals undergo radical change as he finds himself caring more for others, far more than he did as a cutthroat business success.

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newsletter Thomas Hollyday writer May 2017

THOMAS HOLLYDAY                   author update. May 2017

A Chesapeake writer you won’t want to miss. See all his books at Amazon Kindle.

From Thomas Hollyday blog

“In his novel Slave Graves Chesapeake author Thomas Hollyday successfully targets the ever popular mystery and romance genres. A unique read awaits you with Thomas Hollyday’s new book Slave Graves.  Enter into the modern world of River Sunday, a Chesapeake harbor town where its characters match its past with its future. In this first book of the series, you’ll follow an archeologist’s transformation as he changes from a stuffy well contented professor into a man searching for his honor. He and his fellow historian, a female former student, fight for the right to uncover and preserve a terrible past discovered under the mud of an old farm. As financial and racial interests terrorize them, they realize once again the age old lesson in life. Truth comes with a very high price in murder. This week free introductory eBook at

2016 Slave Graves score   Kindle  100 review 4.5 stars Goodreads 97 reviews   3.64 stars Kobo 13 reviews   4.5 to 5 stars Google Play   7 reviews   3.9 stars”

Enjoy this February 24 2017 interview of Thomas Hollyday on Delmarva Public Radio by Harold Wilson. In 2010, Wilson was named to the Editorial Board of the Delmarva Review. The Delmarva Review is a literary magazine published by the Eastern Shore Writers’ Association