New Haven Nights Ophelia Sikes

New Haven Book 3 Ready for Beta Readers!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Book 3 in my New Haven series is done, which leads us up to the Copper Mines, which I should be touring in-person this week.

I now need beta readers for book 3!

If you haven’t read the New Haven series yet I can send you PDFs of all three.

If you have time to give me feedback on the book (or heck on the entire series) please let me know!

So happy.

What are you guys up to this fine day?

New Haven Nights Ophelia Sikes
Following a Dream Romantic Suspense

Dreams Compilation Book

I’ve just created the compilation book for the Dreams series, and that is loading live!

Once that is live, I’ll reload all 4 books so they point to each other and to this compilation and the full series will be complete.

In the meantime, you can read book 1 for free and see what it’s like!

Time for some wine, I think. What are you drinking today?