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Lynnette Hartwig finally descended down her slippery slope. Throwing her first career to the winds, she succumbed to the siren song she feared would blot out all other pursuits if she stepped into it with both feet. After a successful engineering career that includes designing engine parts and an X-ray baggage scanner, tooling and startup for new products from Oster, Gillette and Raytheon, prototyping for printing equipment and medical devices, and project management of machine tool builds, construction and automation equipment, she is now sliding merrily down the path with her lifelong passion, writing.

Not that she is new to it. Wherever you go, there you are, and that was true of Lynnette. No matter what she was hired to do, every employer latched onto her writing skills. Despite pointing out they could hire a technical writer for half her salary, she not only became the company newsletter editor at three companies, she wrote marketing brochures, magazine ads, department reports, customer proposals, annual engineering summaries, standard operating procedures and in-house training materials for several more.

To date Lynnette has written several non-fiction works that draw on her extensive experience with procurement and managing contractors. Her hands-on experience as a Habitat for Humanity crew lead specializing in rehabs of turn-of-the-century to 1930s buildings and upgrading her own five homes proved good fodder for a book for homeowners who want to hire good contractors and get good value for their money. Unlike the usual contractor-hiring book that’s filled with vitriol against tradesmen and horror stories, she focuses on guiding homeowners to do it right, not scaring them witless. She explains contractor’s worst actions as direct point-A-to-point-B behaviors which can be easily side-stepped.

Lynnette has drafts of several science fiction novels and essay-format science books in the works. One book in the hopper is “The Pursuit of Risk” which presents an unconventional view on human behavior. From young men eagerly going off to war to the difficulty in getting workers to wear their safety glasses, Lynnette shows how these are tied together with startling alignment.

Currently Lynnette is rehabbing a fixer upper so bad even flippers wouldn’t take it, making it into her dream home. Photos of the progress show up on her facebook posts regularly, so ‘friend’ her for a front row seat!

You can purchase Lynnette’s books on Amazon:
Getting the Best Price on a Used Car
Negotiating When Money Matters: Getting Good Deals
Italy for First Timers
Flying for First Timers

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