David Reinhart

Born, 1956 at Ft. Belvoir, VA. An army brat. David’s family lived in VA and AZ before settling down in Barstow, CA.

His first magazine article sold when he was 16 and paid enough to buy the Olympia portable he used for the next 15 years. Lots of free-lance non-fiction on all kinds of topics: camping, survival, computer design, religion, and aviation.

He went to college at the University of Tulsa. After his first semester, he dropped out due to lack of funds and got a job back home working as a reporter for a new weekly newspaper starting up, the Mojave Valley times. He went from reporter to assistant editor in nothing flat. The paper wasn’t doing well and one day the publisher calls him in for a chat. Certain he’s about to get the axe, the publisher instead tells David that he wants to let the rest of the staff go and keep him on as managing editor, and try to keep the paper going. So at 18 David was a managing editor but the paper didn’t last much longer.

He did more freelance work for other local papers and the Sacramento Bee, including some photo essays. His high school had a photography course and he picked it up again when he got back to college, winning some local contests.

His degree is in psychology but he eventually ended up in IT as his day job. He moved to SE Connecticut in 1982 and this is the area where Osprey Point is set. In 1992, he moved to Massachusetts.

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