Fiction vs Non Fiction Books

Do Autistic Readers Prefer Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Common wisdom is that the majority of those on the Asperger’s Autism spectrum prefer non-fiction books, especially about trains and elevators. But there are pockets of interest in a variety of areas, like SciFi / Fantasy or Jane Austen.

If you’re on the spectrum, or know someone who is, what do you / they prefer to read?

Book image is sourced from Pixabay / user 0fjd125gk87

Writing and Designing a Successful Book

Writing and Designing a Successful Book

Yes it is 2020! That means I am revising all of my Author Essential books on writing, publishing, and marketing. I give these away to attendees in my free writing seminars I teach.

First up! Writing and Designing a Successful Book. I’m looking for beta-readers to let me know if I need to change or update anything.

Let me know if you’d like a PDF copy!

Across the River

Hurrah! The audiobook version of my Oxendine Lumbee story is now live! This is based on my g-g-etc.-grandmother’s true life. I would love some beta-listeners to let me know what you think of the narrator. I can send a FREE code for the audiobook, just let me know you’re interested!

If you prefer the Kindle version that is FREEEEE :).

What are you up to today? 

Cthulhu Book 4 – Sea Stories

Bob and I attended Al Weem’s art show reception Sunday. It was in Providence immediately down the street from where Bob and I did our Cthulhu research a while back. Being there prodded me to get Cthulhu book 4 done! Let me know if you can read this short story (6k words) to give me feedback. Cover – Do you prefer left or right?

Cthulhu Book 4 Lisa Shea

Here are covers 1-3. This is the series I began on a dare. Someone told me, “a series absolutely must be in one genre only. It can’t cross genres.” I of course said, “Oh yeah??” and promptly began researching and writing this multi-genre short story series based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft. But as he was a white supremacist, I made the heroine a bisexual black woman .

Also, I’ve always been vastly intrigued that Amazon and other bookstores have main categories like “Mystery” and “Romance” – and “Sea Stories” is right up there as an equivalent main category. Sea stories?? So I always promised myself someday I’d write a sea story :).

A Time To Be Silent

A Time To Be Silent A Time To Speak

I need readers to give me feedback! The 3rd (final) book in my novella trilogy is now complete!

A woman develops the ability to visually document past events. At first she and her team use this ability to explore historical events – the life of Jesus, how the pyramids were built. Events which will fascinate and educate our society.

But now they face a decision. Do they use the technique to prove to the world how politicians have been lying to them?

Would it even matter? If loyal followers had proof that a politician used a hate word, would they even blink their eyes?

A Time To Be Silent

Lumbee Native American

So thrilled! My narrator for my Lumbee Native American story is done with book one. It should be live shortly. This is based on my great-great-etc.-grandmother’s true-life experiences. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – book one is wholly FREE on Kindle. Give it a try! I’m working on book 4 in this series.

What are you up to today?

Sutton Massachusetts Mysteries

I just wrote an article for a client on Fiverr about the power of meditation for goal setting. It’s so true. A more focused mind means more progress on your goals. My goal for December is to write, a chapter a day, book 8 in my Sutton Mystery Series. Where is book 7, you ask? Not yet finished.

I’ll try to squeeze that in. But I have to get book 8 done in December as I want to write one each year and I’m out of months for 2019 :).

What is your goal for December?