About Us

Over thirty writers. Over 500 books published. The Boston Writer’s group meets monthly and emails multiple times a week. Together we foster our dreams to create exceptional short story, poetry, and novels on a wide variety of topics.

Romance. Murder mystery. Health. Cooking. Government conspiracy. Artificial intelligence. Historical novels. Contemporary dramas. Lucid dreaming and world peace. Surviving a coma and surviving a rough childhood.

If you’ve thought about it, we’re probably writing about it. If you’re a Mensan, we’d love to have you join us! Many of our members are email-only, and that’s fine.

In whichever way you can participate, we’re here to help.

The Boston Writers Special Interest Group is a community of Boston Mensa. Back in January 2008, Thomas Holliday wrote Lisa Shea to discuss their writing projects. He kept encouraging the idea, and they met on July 14th at Mulligan’s Tavern in Westboro. They set the first ever public meeting on September 24th, 2008 at Cheng Du in Westboro. In September 15, 2009 we moved the meeting to Haverhill, and over the years we have adjusted the dates and times to coordinate with the members.

We began this blog in 2014!

To learn more about Boston Mensa visit https://bostonmensa.org/