Cthulhu Book 4 – Sea Stories

Bob and I attended Al Weem’s art show reception Sunday. It was in Providence immediately down the street from where Bob and I did our Cthulhu research a while back. Being there prodded me to get Cthulhu book 4 done! Let me know if you can read this short story (6k words) to give me feedback. Cover – Do you prefer left or right?

Cthulhu Book 4 Lisa Shea

Here are covers 1-3. This is the series I began on a dare. Someone told me, “a series absolutely must be in one genre only. It can’t cross genres.” I of course said, “Oh yeah??” and promptly began researching and writing this multi-genre short story series based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft. But as he was a white supremacist, I made the heroine a bisexual black woman .

Also, I’ve always been vastly intrigued that Amazon and other bookstores have main categories like “Mystery” and “Romance” – and “Sea Stories” is right up there as an equivalent main category. Sea stories?? So I always promised myself someday I’d write a sea story :).

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