Thomas Hollyday

Thomas Hollyday
Thomas Hollyday

Thomas Hollyday grew up with boats, enthusiastically exploring the maze-like waterways of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. As he grew older, powerful experiences with Civil Rights unrest and serving in Vietnam became the backbone for stories he knew should be told.

Life had a different plan for him. He became a successful international businessman. He started a family. Still, writing always called to him. He studied with C. Michael Curtis of Atlantic Monthly. He learned from Elliott Coleman at the John Hopkins Writing Seminars. His stories germinated and developed.

Finally the timing was just right. In 2000, quite early in the self-publishing era, Tom released his very first full length novel, Slave Graves. He set this in the fictional town of River Sunday on the Chesapeake Bay. In his novel Tom addresses the turmoil and power of his life’s experiences. He blends modern-day troubles with historic challenges His characters are veterans and protesters, blacks and whites, from all walks of life. They shine with the power of emotion from all the experiences Tom has lived through.

Readers connected powerfully with this story – it currently has 87 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.1. Thomas has written six more books in the River Sunday series, with the latest, Easter Sunday, just released a short while ago.

Tom is perhaps the ideal example of a writer who finds a way to make time for his passion. His schedule is extremely tight and he has to actively carve out even small chunks of time to work on his writing. Day by day, piece by piece, the new story comes to life.

Tom also is a poster boy for starting your writing at whatever stage of life you’re in. It’s never too late. He began this series after a full career in business. He invested the time to hone his craft – and the results speak for themselves.

He also puts effort into marketing. He attends book fairs, posts on his blog, and runs ads to ensure his books are found by new readers. In our modern world, books rarely sell themselves. Tom does what it takes to get his writings discovered by an eager audience.

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Thomas Hollyday

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