Channels and Pricing on CreateSpace

In CreateSpace, choosing or changing the channels the book is available on has a marked impact on the base price of that book. You can do this selection either when you set up your book or after it’s live.

The pricing discussion gets a little tricky. I’ll try my best to simplify. The base price, here in CreateSpace, has to account for both Amazon’s cut and for the third party’s cut, just in case the book does sell at a third party location. Barnes & Noble wants to list the book at the same price that Amazon does. So even on Amazon, where that cut isn’t being shared, it’ll still have the higher price. That across-the-board price has to always account for Barnes & Noble having a share of the price. So what that means is for a $30 full-color book, on Barnes & Noble (expanded distribution) they get a share of $6, Amazon gets their share of $6 (as the distributor) and I make a share of under $1. In comparison, if the book sells directly on Amazon, since Barnes & Noble isn’t getting a share of that sale, I now get a cut of nearly $7. And if the book sells on CreateSpace, where neither Amazon nor Barnes & Noble are getting a cut, I get a large cut of nearly $13. That one global price is being shown on all systems, even if there isn’t a “reason” for it to be that high on a given system beyond the price match desire.

Example with images:

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