Low Carb Charts

Low Carb Charts

I’m doing a sweep to update all my low carb books. I’m starting with my most popular one – low carb charts.

Left is the old cover; right is the new one.

I’m making sure the branding is more clear that this is part of a full 13-book series.

Suggestions? Ideas?

Let me know if you’d like to take a look at the ebook to offer feedback on its content!

Books on Publishing

Books on Publishing

Success! Just finished an enormous effort and updated books 3-4-5 in my author’s essentials series.

Book 3 is an overview of the various ways you can get published.

Book 4 is all about traditional publishing including magazines.

Book 5 is a dense, in-depth section-by-section-with-screenshots explanation of how to self-publish on Amazon and Lulu for both ebooks and paperbacks. It also covers Draft2Digital, SmashWords, WattPad, etc.

I’d love to have some beta-readers of my updated versions. Let me know if you’d like to see one of these!

What are you up to?

Writing and Designing a Successful Book

Writing and Designing a Successful Book

Yes it is 2020! That means I am revising all of my Author Essential books on writing, publishing, and marketing. I give these away to attendees in my free writing seminars I teach.

First up! Writing and Designing a Successful Book. I’m looking for beta-readers to let me know if I need to change or update anything.

Let me know if you’d like a PDF copy!

Across the River

Hurrah! The audiobook version of my Oxendine Lumbee story is now live! This is based on my g-g-etc.-grandmother’s true life. I would love some beta-listeners to let me know what you think of the narrator. I can send a FREE code for the audiobook, just let me know you’re interested!

If you prefer the Kindle version that is FREEEEE :).

What are you up to today?